Development is King

Born and raised in Amsterdam I grew up in the age of emerging digital technological advancements. I watched and participated as the internet grew from text based documents accessible from a 56k dial-up modem to full blown web applications we now hold so dear on a daily base.

In recent years I have locked my focuss on Ui design and front-end development. I love to be the catalyst that starts the development process. As a Ui developer I get to meet the clients first-hand, talk to them and translate their "wants" into "needs" into requirements and actually work them out myself. With a background in IT and Customer support I have developed an analytic and customer focussed mindset that helps me in my job as a UI designer to tackle problems for my clients.

UI design for me is the art of balance between functions and logic. What is functional might not hold any logic and logical workflows might not be functional at all. Wearing the tinted glasses of a front-end developer I approach every UI job pragmatically.

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Functional Design

For me design must have a function. Every bit and pixel should serve a purpose to help the user find the information he needs with the shortest path possible. I'm best at matching designs with logical patterns and functionalities.

Hands-on development

Being able to turn design into actual working screens is what I do. From wireframes to mock-ups to front-end development. To be able to keep doing what I do I am constantly improving myself by following trends and mastering new techniques.

Analytical mindset

With my diverse background from IT, customer service, designer and front-end developer I have learned to look at problems from multiple angles. To be able to place myself in the eyes of different user groups gives me a clear view of where to balance the needs and wants.


There is no mistake that this is a new standard. We work everywhere and no longer access our content exclusively trough a stationary workplace. Mobility has changed the way we work and consume web based content. Our applications must evolve with these trends to keep up, this means all content we create on a browser must have an equivelant on the mobile screens. Responsive designs ask for new careful approaches. To serve the same content and retain the same workflow on a smaller screen is a challenge I have learned to love.



I'm open for new challenges! Just let me known and we'll get in toch!